Utilize every bit of resources

Let professional do the job ‧ Boost productivity in every way!

In KJM we believe, every single task should have it's professionalism. Reports saying that over 60% of the staff in the market is not doing the job in their job description, which means there might not be much valued-added to the company.

Nowadays in Hong Kong, if you can utilize the productivity on KJM, you can maximize your company's output to a whole new level. When your employees can focus on their talented area, the valued-added output to the company can be raised dramatically, and so as their sense of belonging to the company. Retaining your talents becomes easy!

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Unleash your staff's talents

Every little thing counts, professional can be everywhere, from office administration, design works, to programming and app writing! Make them go in a professional way!

The advantage of hiring professional

Every single task can be done in a faster, more precise manner, the whole chain of department can be benefit from the initial decision and work done. Hence, boost productivity!

Boost morale

Finding talent can be hard, retaining them can be even more difficult! Do not distress with those routine task which can be done in a minutes on KJM!

Company Goal

Let them focus on what is the best for the company, let the manager and senior staff focus on making a real decision that is the best for the sake of the company. Leave the rest for KJM.

Communicate ‧ Pay

Our platform provide a sophisticated communication channel between you and the freelancer, making sure that the job will be done in the way you desire. Only pay the freelancer when you are satisfy with the job.

NDA ‧ Verified ID

We have included an NDA for your usage, for sure, you can upload your own NDA for the freelancer. You can even make your job open only to those freelancers who has their ID verified with KJM.

Don't wait ‧ No more "referral"

Freelancer should be at your service whenever you need them, you do not wait for the freelancer to have a time slot to complete your job. In KJM, we have a large pool of freelance standby, you will get your manpower whenever you needed it.

Different field of professional

Still got referred freelancer from friends or colleagues? What if they do not have referrals in a specific area of professional? In KJM, we have all the different professionals gathered, just post your job and the professional will engage.


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  • Still rely on referral for freelance?

    Traditionally, when we look for freelance, we seek for referral resources. Which means you may end up with only 1-2 freelance source, but the fact is that when we want freelance, we want fast and solid solutions, what if your only freelance source is occupied by other jobs? KJM provide complete job descriptions with complehensive solution, extensive job categories,attachments management and communication tools, so that you can communication and work with your freelance at anytime, anywhere. Get progress update at a glance and what you need to do is just sit tight and wait for the job delivery.

  • Freelance is freelance

    If you think a freelance is good, so does the others? It only proofs that the freelance is excellent, it does not means that the freelance will rely entirely on you to give him the job! They may not be available sometimes, what can you do with that?

  • You just got 1-2 Freelance?

    At KJM, we have an advantage, we got a large talent pool, so that you can expand your freelance choices instantly, too. We have a sopfisticated system that allow you to notify, invite freelances at your will. Get the jobs done instantly!

  • Do what you are good at, please!

    We believe that if every single task is done by it's professional respectively, the outcome could be unbelievable. Faster, better, more precise. So, please do what you are good at, and leave the remaining to the freelance at KJM.

  • Understand the best interest of your company

    Every company has different goal, thus different interest. Say if a sales maanger have to come up with a sales report, they will need to come up with a report template, if the template is not user friendly, and if the cause is that you have no extra labor to create a great template... Isn't it a huge disappointment? Your sales manager can worth so so so much more than typing up a report that he/she is not gifted to do!

When to KJM?

Anything you can think of, KJM has the talent to get it ready for you!

There is already a large group of freelancer attached to KJM, upon your order is placed, you job can be finished with no time. Up-to-now (12 April 2016), jobs listed on KJM is being engaged within 1 day on average; at the meantime, over 70% of jobs is delivered 1 day in advance satisfactorily to the clients towards the expected delivery.

We are not only a web platform, we have our professional customer service department, and our CS team will act as a judge for all the complaint and resolution center in case needed. KJM means to let you have a 100% satisfactory experience with freelance outsourcing, and boost your productivity in every way possible!

Data Input

Data Input

Although data input can be simple, but with a well-defined template and formatting, it can be done in a better way!



Translation is never a simple job, so why not give it to a professional, do it in a professional way?



Design can be everywhere, no matter it is a ppt, letter, name card or leaflet. Hiring a full-time designer is just not justify sometimes.



Technology drives business, with advanced programming support, your company can leap forward. But do you really need a full-time?

KJM Features

We are commited to protect all parties


Flexible freelancer picking

Best talent for every job.

In order to speed up the process, the job is open to public by default, which means every freelance will see and be able to apply your job. But we know that you may sometimes want a more skilled freelancer to apply your job, so we have an option for you to invite selected freelancers. More control, better quality.

Detailed job category

More detail, easier to match the best

Distinctive job classification is the first step to get the job done. Not matter it is a big project, or a small sub-task, we means to make it happen in the perfect way. That's why KJM has a intuitive platform design, guiding you to post a job that will be hassle-free when the freelancer engage.

Well protected ESCROW payment system

No more trouble payment

With our built-in ESCROWS payment system, your transaction is very well protected. Every job will do in the way you want.

Track job progress everywhere, anytime

No more worry, take full control!

Outsourcing can be sometime annoying, freelancer may disappear suddently, abandoning the job and all the hassle will then roll back to you. Let KJM doing all the fussy job for you, we have a comprehesive job progress tracking system, you can keep your projects on track at all time. We can even re-assign your job to another trusted freelancers for free!

Mange your payment easily

Can I get my deposit back?

Our platform is fully transparent, you can deposit and withdraw your funds anytime. Only the funds locked in ESCROW payment system cannot be withdraw, but if the job is not engaged yet, you can always cancel your post and pull out the whole lump-sum to your bank account or through Paypal.

Your dedicated support center

Unlike other platform, we have a customer service team at your service.

Want to post job? Do not know what can be KJM? Not sure about whether KJM can help? Call 3709-6410 now and our well experienced customer service team can help you, ACT NOW!

Fee Schedule

No Hidden Fee

Item Fee (HKD) Description
Post Job$10Charged when job post successfully.
KJM Service Charge15% of the total job wage amountWhen the job is delivered, and client confirm receiving the job and good payment to freelancer. If client is not confirming the job within 10 days upon freelancer delivery, the system will mark the job as done and proceed the remaining process(including good payment to freelancer) automatically.
PAYPAL Deposit Charge$2 + 5% of total amountIs charged when deposit through Paypal.
PAYAPL Withdrawal Charge$2 + 2% of total amountIs charged when withdraw through Paypal.
Bank Transfer/Cheque Deposit(HK Local Bank Only)Free (Hong Kong local bank only) 
Bank Transfer/Cheque Withdrawal(HK Local Bank Only)Free (Hong Kong local bank only)


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